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All India Cow Protection Federation At A Glance

The All India Cow Protection Federation was formed in Lucknow on 28-9- 2017 with the objective of nation building, public service, promotion of cow protection, security and elimination of evil practices prevailing in the society and since then till today, cow protection protection is being done all over the country. For this, the organization is working with your cooperation at the grassroots level by taking the proletariat society along, which is a matter of pride for all of us.

Employment Through Cow Protection And Promotion

Industrialization Of Cow Dung And Cow Urine: Today Life Has Become Hell Due to Chemical Fertilizers And Insecticides, the Body has Become a Home for Diseases, While There is Abundant livestock in Our Country. Cow Dung is Available in Sufficient Quantity.

Religious Significance Of Cow Urine

Cow is Considered Sacred in Indian Traditional and is Worshipped. Also, it is Believed That 36 Crore Deities Reside in the Cow. Cow Dung and Cow Urine Are Being Used in Religious Works Since Ancient Times. According to the Scriptures, Ganga ji Resides in Cow Urine and Drinking it not Only Destroys Sins but Also Cures Diseases.