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  • Committees are formed at National Level which would be expanded from time to time.

  • 21 member committees to be formed at State Level, Mandal, Zila, Mahanagar, Nagar, and Gram Levels, Which Could be expanded as per the need arises.

  • President, Vice President, General Secretary, Organization Secretary, Treasurer, Office Secretary, Spokes Person, Media Incharge, Media Cell Head and Overserve are to be formed with Rs100/- as a Primary membership.

  • Sanrakshak Sanyojak Prabhari would be nominated at National, State, Zila, Mandal and Gram Levels to Lead the masses.

  • ABGRM would issue Certificates and Identity cards and would work dedicatedly towards the Prime Objective.

  • All the members of the Organization would Work to Promote National Harmony, and would work United towards the Cultural Development of Country and from Time to Time come up with Sinages, Hoardings to Propagate Feeling of Common Brotherhood.

  • ABGRM is an Autonomous Body which works under the ambit of Constitution of India and is bound to keep the Humane Values intact. It would work to "Gau, Ganga Gauri" sentiments at large. It would Preserve the Social, Cultural and Religious Mosaic of the Nation as enshrined in the Constitution.

  • ABGRM would continuously Work towards opening of Gaushala, Gau Ashrey Sthal, Gau Mobile Dispensary Unit Vehicles and Gau Ambulance along with Old Age Centers for the Destitute.

  • In Order to make Society Independent We would Work in Field of Skill Development and Digital Village. We would ensure that the Centre and State Programs Which are given to the Corporations - Reaches the End Users.

  • As Manifested in the First National Level Meet of ABGRM we would aspire for the Safety Security and Conservation of the Gau Mata and would Fight for the "CAPITAL Punishment" be given to Cow Slaughters.

  • To Safe Guard against Persecution, All ABGRM members would ensure that the Cows Sold are for the Domestication and would ensure a Receipt from the Buyer and Seller.

  • If some Unwarranted People Try to Persecute by Faking Meat in the Name of "BEEF", an FIR should be Registered and the Sample must be Send to LAB Immediately.

  • ABGRM would try to Propagate Awareness among Masses - about the Deaths of Cows after Consuming Plastics and Hazardous Chemicals in the Garbage.

  • ABGRM would work to Conserve and Preserve the Sanctity of the "River GANGA" whom we Call "MAA GANGA". ABGRM would would also urge for the Cooperation in Work Against - Female Foeticide and to enhance - "Beti Bachao, Bati Paraho" Mission.

  • ABGRM Demands that " GAU MATA" should be privileged as a "National Heritage" and a Stringent Law be Drafted to Curtail Cow Slaughters.

  • ABGRM would work in Close Co-ordination with Centre and State Governments and would bring the Social and Public Welfare works of the Governments to the doors of the Masses. We would thrive to make the Public Educated, "NO DEEGREE - GIVE DIPLOMA" would be our motto. We Aim to work along with People in Fields of Medicine, Hostels, Libraries, Orphanages, Women Development Houses, Handicapped and Blind People Centers. We would Work in accordance with the Call Sab Ka Saath, Sab Ka Vikas, Sab Ka Vishwas" would work with Schools, Collages, Institutional Institutes, Community Centers, to ensure the Development Skills.