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  • ABGRM has formed National Level Working Committee and have Instituted State President's in 25 States in a Very Short Span of Time. All Committee's are Working Successfully.

  • State Level Conventions have already happened in States like U.P. - Modi Nagar, Saharanpur, Gujrat - Ahmedabad, Assam - Guwahati, M.P. - Indore and H.P..

  • National Convention of ABGRM has Successfully Convened on 11th February 2019. It has helped to bring "GAU RAKSHA" to the ground Levels.

  • Along with ABGRM we have incorporated " Mahila Mahasangha", "Niti Nirdharan Sabha" "Anushashan Samiti" where in "Mahila Sabha Mahasangha","Minority Mahasangha" and " Niti Nirman" is already Functional.

  • ABGRM would justifiably keep pushing its Demands of "Gau Hospitals", " Gau Vahan", " Gau Ashreys", for Cows on Roads, and the Formation of" Gau Seva Aryogya". ABGRM would also Demand for License of FIRE Arms for its Representatives and in this Regard would write to the Centre and State Government's.